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What we have to offer...

...Wide Open Spaces!

We have lots of room for running trains and operating! The HO layout covers an area of 3,000 square feet. There are two independent main line tracks, each 246 feet long, with 28” minimum radius curves. We're continuing to build out an extensive network of industrial tracks serving industry spurs and sidings with a focus on operations. We've recently completed a large staging yard that has greatly enhanced our weekly operating sessions!

...Attention N Scale Modelers - New N Scale Layout Under Construction!

We are currently in the late building and early scenery stages of our new 5'x20' semi-permanent N scale layout. We invite interested N scale modelers to visit our new club facility and check us out! If you're interested in becoming a member, come join us in building our new semi-permanent N scale layout!


We have an ever growing dedicated operations group that meets weekly on Tuesday evenings to operate trains in a very prototypical fashion. Using a card card system, we operate everything from fast intermodal manifests to local switching runs that encompasses movement over the entire layout. Our recently completed staging yard has greatly enhanced operating capabilities with less congestion in the main classification yard and more train storage between operating sessions. Come join us and discover a great way to enjoy running trains with a purpose!

...There's an app for that!

We are set up with the latest in throttle options, Wi-Fi app connections from your cell phone or Wi-Fi enabled tablet. Your iPhone or Android device can function as a throttle on our layout. We have JMRI WiThrottle (for Apple devices) and Engine Driver (for Android) support enabled. Download the respective app, connect to our network, and run trains! We also have a JMRI programming station and even a speed setting table for speed matching and tuning consisted locomotives.

...Good with your hands?

We are always updating and enhancing our layout and need skilled people good with their hands or willing to learn new skills that like to get down and dirty. Our layout is divided into several different landscapes/scenes. If you like to build models or create landscapes, or want to learn how, give us a try. We have city-scapes, landscapes, industrial, and historical vignettes, to name a few.

...Old School!

If you are a purist at heart we can help you; no need to spend money on new equipment. Our layout is designed to allow you to run your DC powered trains as well as DCC equipped locomotives. A good portion of our members still choose to run their trains this way. The club provides DC wireless throttles for member use.

...Are you the technical type?

Our club offers state-of-the-art electronic control panels and computer software systems to make running the trains reliable and more enjoyable. In order to make this happen, we are always looking for members willing and capable of jumping in behind the scenes, whether to repair a defective relay or upgrade a new control board.